Santa is Coming to Stewartsville!

Believe it or not, Santa is already planning his trip to Stewartsville for the holiday season! If you are interested in Santa stopping by your home this holiday season, please click on the picture below for some additional information. We appreciate your support for this unique holiday fundraiser for the Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company!

The Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company is excited to announce that we have begun the process of building a new firehouse. The firehouse that we are currently utilizing has served us well; however, with changes in apparatus designs over the years and the needs of a growing community, the need has arisen for a firehouse that is better suited to our needs.

The members of the Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company are grateful for any financial support that you can provide to help us accomplish this dream. Should you wish to donate material goods to benefit this exciting endeavor, please contact Chief Joseph Mecsey III at We sincerely thank you for your support.

Please consider donating to the Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company's Building Fund Drive:

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