Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Recruitment Overview:

Since the Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company is manned entirely by volunteers, we are only as strong as the body of our membership. We have continuously responded to the needs of our community in the past, but we need your help in responding to the challenges of our future. Help by volunteering your time. People who are available to respond during weekday mornings are especially important, but all help is appreciated. We need firefighters, fire police, and fire auxiliary members. We will provide you with all the training you require. We also need help with fund raising, building and equipment maintenance, and clerical work. Please remember, any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated by the friends, neighbors, and loved ones that you serve.

Application Requirements:

Applicants for Firefighter membership must be United States citizen, at least 18 years of age and of sound mind and body; capable of attending and successfully completing the NJ Division of Fire Safety Firefighter I training curriculum and certification test. Applicants must agree to submit to a thorough background investigation and a physical examination that shall include a respiratory sufficiency test. Applicants for Cadet or Junior Firefighter membership must be at least 14 years of age for Cadets and at least 16 years of age for Juniors, and must have a parent or guardian agree to allow the applicant to submit to a thorough background investigation, interview (including applicant's parents or guardians), and a physical examination. Cadet and Junior Firefighter applicants and members shall maintain and prove good scholastic standing. Membership applications shall also be accepted for Fire Police and Auxiliary members.

Contact Information:

Chief Joseph Mecsey III321A Greenwich StreetStewartsville, NJ 08886

Phone: 908-454-8654Fax: 908-454-5300Email: chief@stewartsvillefire.org


Interested in sponsoring needed equipment and supplies the fire department needs? Please let us know! Contact Chief Joseph Mecsey III at chief@stewartsvillefire.org

Additional Information:

For more information you may also contact Joe Mecsey IV, Asst. Chief - asstchief@stewartsvillefire.org

Application Form

You may download our Application for Membership using the link below. The application may be returned to the Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company by fax or mail at the address shown above on this page.