Santa Gift Delivery

Santa and his helpers are coming to town! 

Santa is available to deliver some holiday gifts early this year.

The dates are as follows:

Thursday, December 14 (6pm - 8pm)

Sunday, December 17 (10am - 2pm)

If demand is extremely high, additional dates and times will be added

The fee for Santa to deliver gifts to your child or family on his fire truck is $25/child or $50/family.

Santa can only deliver gifts to the boys and girls located in Stewartsville/Greenwich

Steps to ensure a smooth visit from Santa

1. To sign up submit the form at ,call (973) 809-2991, or email, by December 10,2023.

*If you are signing up for December 17, please select the AM or PM slot on the form. If you have a specific time frame you need, please email

*Due to the logistics of when people sign up, where they are located, etc., a schedule will be created after the December 10 deadline and will be given your time frame when you drop off your gift. Due to Santa’s very busy schedule during this time of year, Santa will be limited to about 10-15 minutes

per home.


*Time slots are estimates and are subject to whether there is an active incident at the time or not. We will do our best to keep everyone informed via our Facebook page if there will be any major delays.


2. Purchase a gift for your child. Please ensure that it is wrapped and includes your child's name, address, and phone number LEGIBLY on the present. If you have more than one child receiving a gift per home, please label each gift with the child receiving the gift's name and place all of the gifts together in a bag so they are not mixed up. The bag should also have the family name, address and phone number printed LEGIBLY on it.


3. Drop the gift(s) along with your donation at the Stewartsville Fire Station (321A Greenwich Street) on Monday December 11 6pm-8pm or Tuesday December 12 11am-2pm. If these times do not work for you, please contact Lisa at (973) 809-2991 to arrange a different time.


4. On your set date and time Santa and his helpers will come to your house on the fire truck to deliver gifts. Santa will not being going into houses, so please be ready to come outside at your assigned time.

Questions can be directed to:

Ladies Auxiliary Vice President Lisa Kolterjahn at 973-809-2991 or